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The world of materials science and technology is divers and fascinating. However, finding the way to the required information and knowledge is not evident. Our specialized services can assist you in unveiling the world of materials science and technology.

It is our ambition to answer all your materials related questions in an efficient and qualitative way. We would be honored if we could help you in your quest.











What we can do for you:

  • Our personnel has access to specialized literature and databases, allowing us to find in an efficient way physical, chemical as well as mechanical properties of most materials. Whether it is for an extensive or a quick search, we'll give you an adequate answer.
  • Which materials are most suited for an application you have in mind? Which material properties have to be taken into account when developing and designing a new installation? Our assistance can help you a step forward.

  • Are you sure that delivered materials correspond to the order specifications? In most cases testing is the only way to get certainty. But which tests have to be performed? To which criteria the test results have to respond if you ordered without detailed specifications? Please don't hesitate to contact us.

  • Damage to materials is a major cost in our society. What are the causes of damage and what can we do to prevent damage to our installations? Materials Consult delivers many answers and solutions. Link to ‘damage analysis' and more information on this service will be displayed.


Do you wish to call upon our services or to receive more information on how we can be at your service?

Please feel free to contact us at +32.16.402.153 or