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Look mummy, look daddy, I can do it. Those first steps, those first words, riding their bike without any training wheels … those are the moments that bring tears to your eyes. But unfortunately, not all children are this blessed.

Take for example two year old Emma. She suffers from a disease, which makes it impossible for her to move her arms independently. Using a fork for the first time? Ripping up gift paper with an unseen enthusiasm? Writing a New Years letter for the first time? I can already hear a defeated parent's voice say: "We will have to help you Emma".

But all this is made possible by materials science. I can easily recall how proud she was when she managed to move her arm and … the other one as well? Full of disbelief, the experiments begin: a first line with a crayon; that first bite "Let me" – with all the mess of course; putting a sweet  in her own mouth for the very first time – the first of many; and the first pen stroke – just beautiful; and an even more beautiful moment for her parents … their first hug.

Her hero: "My magical arms".

This magic has been made possible with the help of an incredible engineer that has discovered the possibilities of modern materials science and who realised that the art of 3D printing can give powerful arms to Emma as well as wings to fully embrace life.

This story is a wonderful example of how materials can generate new possibilities and give strength, how material engineers can transform and help people realise their dreams all over the world. This is all getting to be a little too much for me … I'll let the images tell the story now …