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Foto_Glory_Water_Pipeline_-_3With World Water Day on March 22nd just around the corner, Unicef and the WHO, the World Health Organization, report that some 768 million people – which constitute 11% of the world’s population – still have no access to potable water. The fact that such figures are still possible in these highly technological times, is simply disconcerting. Immediate action is required. And that’s what these international organizations do. But even small initiatives can have a substantial influence. The material science center Materials Consult is involved with studies about the impact of water quality on durability and safety on a daily basis. We were happy to offer a helping hand in constructing a new pipeline that has been directly providing potable water to the Glory orphanage near Dar es Salaam, Tanzania since May 1st of this year.

In the past, the inhabitants used rain water for food preparation and personal hygiene. They would store it in jerry can containers without further treatment and quality control of the water. Thanks to an initiative from Suzanne ter Haar, the NGO Art in Tanzania and the local population, things have now changed for the better. The pipeline now provides the orphanage with potable water, but also the entire community that surrounds it. A beautiful example of how a small-scale initiative can lead to a massive improvement for so many people.

Materials Consult is therefore delighted that they were able to contribute – alongside LievenseCSO and LSNed – to the budget that was needed to provide the orphans, their counselors, and the local community with potable water.


A supporter of the new water storage tank (photo)


Suzanne ter Haar and pastor Joel of the Glory orphanage who took the initiative,

during the inauguration of the pipeline on May 1st, 2014.


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