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It's that time again. The gods of the Olympus have descended to join the powers of the most performant sports materials. Place to be: PyeongChang in South Korea. For two weeks the top of winter sports athletes will give their all at the Olympic games. Materials Consult wishes all the athletes lots of success and wishes them all the top performance they long for.

In the first place it are indeed the efforts of the athletes that bring them to a superb performance, yet they need an excellent performing team as well. Materials specialists are part of that team. Also they have to perform at top level and deliver exactly at the right moment the superb materials upon which the athlete's performance depends, sometimes for fractions of a second. What about the sportswear? Is it really that important for winning the gold medal? From what type of material is it made and can its surface profile indeed lead you to victory? How are the ideal ice skates made and do ice skates used for track skating differ from those used for figure skating or ice hockey? The differences are enormous indeed. And what about the ice itself? How is it possible you can that easily slide (out) on it? And how is that smooth slippery ice rink created?   

Lot's of questions. Luckily the internet is full of educational creations, some of which we gladly share with you. They show how science and materials engineering assist in transforming Olympic athletes to heroes. 


Ice-skates-171371414 1566x671On the hidden secrets of sportswear

Are all ice skates the same?

Why and how does an ice skate glide on ice?

What is salt doing in making the ice rink?