Painting the Eiffel Tower Print
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In addition to the marking of the 120th anniversary of the inauguration of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, this is the year that the world-renowned "Iron Lady" is being repainted for the 19th time since its initial construction in 1889. Although more than a century has elapsed since the first coating on the tower, the current painting crew will employ the same methods used over 100 years ago to sand, clean, spot treat for corrosion, and apply a coat of modern day, urethane alkyd-based paint. All the work is done manually by 25 painters who climb on girder beams, at altitudes up to 300 m, to reach every inch of the tower's 250.000 m2 of surface area with their handheld scrapers and paint brushes - no sandblasting or spray painting allowed.

From: "Protecting the Eiffel Tower from the Onset of Corrosion", e-newsletter of NACE International, November 2009