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While the Champs-Elysées in Paris formed the arena for the final of the Tour de France 2017, senior and amateur cyclists were competing in the Malendriesstraat of Boutersem. Hundred forty cyclists, subdivided in 4 categories, battled for the honor to win the very first Honorary Materials Consult price, being part of the yearly memorial Francis Tuerlinckx.

To win the honorary price seniors C/D/E and amateurs had to overcome respectively 13 and 16 rounds on a beautiful street course with 2 challenging climbs, start and finish at the front door of Materials Consult.

In the seniors C category Koen Heremans could put his feet on the highest stage, while Kurt Van Goidsenhoven and VItal Pauwels crossed the line as second and third. Wim Van Uffel took victory in the seniors D category, with Eric Maillard en Robert Van de Kerkhof being second and third. Martin Durant did win the seniors E category and René Van Gils and Roland Degeest zoomed over the finish line as respectively second and third. In the final race the Honorary Materials Consult price for the amateurs was catched by Pepijn Verbruggen, Nick De Weerdt and Marnix Michiels celebrating their second and third place. Marie-Louise Verbiest and Patrick Tuerlinckx, inspirers of the Memorial Francis Tuerlinkcx, Sarah Boon, major of the city of
Boutersem and Frans Vos, General Manager of Materials Consult, were joining the stage.

That evening Chris Froome celebrated his victory in the Tour de France 2017. In Boutersem less known, yet as motivated cyclists battled for the Honorary Price Materials Consult. CONGRATULATIONS  to all. 

Ereprijs Materials Consult 2017 - podium senioren C

Seniors C stage: Koen Heremans (1st), Kurt van Goidsenhoven (2nd), Vital Pauwels (3rd)


Ereprijs Materials Consult 2017 - podium senioren D

Seniors D stage: Wim Van Uffel (1st), Eric Maillard (2nd), Robert Van de Kerkhof (3rd)


Ereprijs Materials Consult 2017 - podium senioren E

Seniors E stage: Martin Durant (1st), René Van Gils (2nd), Roland Degeest (3rd, not on the stage)


Ereprijs Materials Consult 2017 - podium liefhebbers

Amateurs stage: Pepijn Verbruggen (1st), Nick De Weerdt (2nd), Marnix Michiels (3rd)