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Did we merit your confidence ? Thank you very much; we look forward to be at your service.

In order to increase the efficiency by which your order will be handled, we'd like to ask you to deliver us as much as possible information together with your official order document. A non limitative overview of the information which could be of help:

Administrative data

  • Name, address and general telephone number of your company
  • The VAT-number of your company
  • The contact person: name, telephone and fax number, mobile number, e-mail address
  • Your order number and other reference numbers of your dossier
  • Please read our General Conditions. Please note that we do not accept payment periods of more than 30 days.

Technical data

  • Material type, with material certificate if possible
  • Construction drawings and construction dossier, if applicable inclusive welding procedures
  • Process conditions, such as temperature, pressure, product(s) in the installation, ...
  • If available, historical data such as inspection reports, data recordings, ...
  • In case of damage analysis: report of your visual observations.
  • As to damage analysis, please take also into account the advises on the handling of damaged pieces.
  • ...

The previous lists are not limitative. In function of our mission we will require more specific information, but the more information you can deliver us at the start of our mission, the less time we require to complete it. Win for us, win for you.

You can send us your information by conventional correspondence to

Materials Consult bvba, Malendriesstraat 70, B-3370 Boutersem, Belgium,

by fax +32(0)2.416.64.20 or by e-mail info@materialsconsult.be

We do thank you for your confidence and look forward to our co-operation.


Handling of damaged pieces: We'd like to ask your specific attention in case of damage analysis. In order to obtain correct analysis results, it is of utmost importance to take next advises into account:

  • When the area of damage has to be cut from a larger piece, please do not use a cutting torch, but a grinding disc. Preferably it is our damage specialist which determines where to cut, if possible during a site visit.
  • Please do not ‘contaminate' the damage areas. Do not touch the damaged zones by hand; use non fluffing cloths or, by preference, non fluffing gloves.
  • In case of ruptures, please send us both rupture surfaces.
  • Please agree with a site visit. A site visit gives us a clearer and more complete picture of the factors which possibly played a role in the damage process.

Our sincere gratitude for your cooperation.