Failure analysis and Failure prevention

Leakage of pipelines and storage vessels, cracking or rupture of bolts and anchors, constructions that fail suddenly: every day private persons, authorities and companies are confronted with all sorts of failure. In many cases it's indispensable to find out the cause of these failures, for reasons of liability, but even more and first of all to determine how such failure can be prevented in future.

Failure prevention starts at Materials Consult. We determine the nature and cause of the failure of metals, welds and coatings. Based on this knowledge we assist you in setting up a prevention plan. Consulting us at the start of the design process of a new installation or component is even better, because failure prevention starts from the moment an idea for a new installation or product is born.

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Some examples of our experience

A chemical company was confronted with deposits on and degradation of a reactor vessel wall. Thanks to our analysis intergranular corrosion of the stainless steel wall could be identified as the culprit.

A petroleum products storage vessel made of a classic steel was showing leakage at a weld joint. The weld failure was due to a combination of some welding defects (undercut, pores) and corrosion under insulation (CUI). 

A pump housing was showing severe wear. Our analysis showed it concerned abrasive wear caused by hard particles crumbling from a hard metal bearing component elsewhere in the pump. 

A transhipment company was confronted with a chain fracture. Analysis revealed that the fracture was due to fatigue caused by systematic incorrect attaching a specific type of loads.

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