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The world of materials engineering is versatile and fascinating, yet finding your way to correct information and knowledge on materials properties, materials inspection and materials testing can be a challenging task. We are ready to assist you in this quest. 

It's our ambition to answer all your materials related questions in an efficient and high-quality way. A concise advise or a more elaborate study, we are at your service.   


Some examples of our services

You're searching for the physical, chemical or mechanical properties of specific materials? We have access to specialised literature and search engines to respond to your query in an efficient and adequate way. 

Which materials to use for the application you have in mind? Which material properties have to be taken into account when designing your new product or installation? And what about their behaviour in - for example - the corrosive environment to which they will be subjected? We get you started. 

How can you be sure that the characteristics of the materials that were delivered are in correspondance with your specifications? In many cases testing is required, but which tests to use in function of your requirements? To which criteria and standards the materials have to comply? We'll advise you. 

Failure of materials is an enormous cost to our society. What are the causes of failure and, above all, what can we do to prevent failure of our products and failure in our installations? Materials engineering is offering many answers and solutions. Our webpage on failure analysis and failure prevention gives you an insight in the services we can offer. You're welcome.  

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