History, our and other cultures, art as part of culture and ... materials:

They come togehther in this small oriental elephant statue, a lead alloy cast that's made stunningly beautiful through the use of different types of paint. Joyful colors thanks to different pigments, made themselves out of many other different materials.

Materials are from all times, all cultures and for all people.

Passion for materials science and egineering is the origin and the engine of "Materials Consult". We assist authorities and industry to increase their understanding of the fascinating, yet complex world of materials engineering. Constituted of microscopically small building stones materials play a vital role in our daily life thanks to their shaping, strength, color etc. 

An example: Why do cars 'rust' and what can we do about it? Or from which materials are the furnace tubes made that assist us in producing our green biomlass energy? 

We're at your service for failure analysis, materials selection and advise on how to use, inspect and test your materials. Explore our website and let us know how we can be of assistance.

You are welcome! 


Dr. ir. Frans Vos

Founder and General Manager Materials Consult

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